“Coastal sunset” 24*30

“Coastal sunset” 24*30

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This seascape was my first painting created within a two week time frame while all the rest of my works are executed in an “alla rima” manner. I mus admit having so much time gives one many chances to see the work in different perspectives and to correct some mistakes. Please see the progress pictures.

IMG_4552 IMG_4558IMG_4554 IMG_4561

















Several days after finishing the painting i was walking by it and suddenly was hit by the though that the rocks just can’ be lined so ┬áhorizontally. Although i used many reference photographs and some of them did capture this kind of perfect horizontal line up, i figured that my painting should not have that. I made he rocks more curvy. Here is the final result:

Sunset tide bigI think these rocks look much more harmonious this way.

I enjoy the painting seascapes so much ! Thank you for reading! ­čÖé


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